Deep Root Fertilizer, Compost Tea and soil amendments


Proactive approach to tree and plant health care is soil health.  Trees and shrubs need healthy soil and available nutrients to assist with vibrant green growth.  You may be surprised to understand that healthy trees are also less likely to get insect or disease issues.  Healthy trees also have the ability to fight off other issues like fungal pathogens, vascular diseases and are less likely to succumb to high wind and snow loading.   Trees are living organisms, in fact on the largest organisms in the world.  Just like you and I they are healthiest when they are having available nutrients and water.  At Shady Lane Expert Tree Care we love to practise a proactive approach to your trees and shrubs needs.  We have a variety of products and services to amend soil and add nutrients. 


  1.  Compost tea is an organic and microbial approach.  This incredible product dates back to the roman times and is applied in organic agriculture world wide.  Compost tea will improve your soil by adding the microbial blend and organic matter your soil needs.  This will allow for healthy soil that can cycle nutrients, create poor space and retain more water for times of drought.  This product is applied to newly planted trees, trees with fungal pathogens, soil mediums with high salt index, mature trees, poor soil conditions, and trees close to rivers, ponds and lakes.  If you are looking for an organic solution to your tree care needs compost tea is an incredible resource that you cannot pass up.  
  2. Deep root fertilizer is a great way to get you trees and shrubs to look great all season long.  This product will provide the nutrients that are lacking in poor urban soils.  Shady Lane uses the highest quality of slow release fertilizer with specific blends for your trees and shrubs.  This product can be applied through deep root feeding or soil drench through out the entire property or root zone of you landscape.  By adding the required nutrients in a slow release formula, we can ensure your trees have the macro and micro nutrients they require in available forms.  What does this mean? It means your trees have the nutrients they need when they need them.  That will result in healthy trees and shrubs for generations to come.  This product is good for newly planted trees, annual maintenance, trees in poor heath and trees in poor soil conditions.  For healthy trees and shrubs deep root fertilizer is a great proactive approach.
  3. Soil amendment and decompaction.  The process of taking poor soil off site and replacing it with quality soil can be very beneficial on mature trees and areas of heavy compaction.  When working around the root system of trees we use a technique called air spading or an air knife.  This is done with running a compressor and pressurised air through a special tool that allows the soil to be blown away from the root system of trees with out impacting the roots in a negative way.  This can be done in portions of the root system to allow for the tree too adjust and remain stable or anchored to the ground safely.  This technique is the most invasive and time consuming but the results speak for them selves.  If you have a mature tree that is struggling in health this technique will be on the forefront of our list of recommendations.

The best way to keep healthy trees and shrubs is to be proactive with there soil and nutritional requirements.  The best way to mend trees and shrubs that are unhealthy is to amend the soil or add nutritional requirements.  Shady Lane Expert Tree Care has been practising these methods for decades and we are happy to provide you with our advice and a free consult.  Call or email today. 


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