Fall & Winter Pruning Trees

Pruning trees is our specialty!   We have been working on our urban forest in the greater Toronto area for 45 years and running strong.  Trees need pruning for a variety of reasons and we can help you determine what is the best course of action while maintaining the trees health and beauty.   Our certified arborist will visit your house and provide a free consult and estimate for your trees and shrubs.  The site visit will consist of a face to face inspection and a written proposal or work outline.  Each tree is different and no site is the same.  This is why we take the time to visit every tree prior to sending out our team and equipment. 

  •  Dead limb removal.

Removal of dead or dyeing limbs is essential for safety.  Trees can have dead limbs for a variety of reasons.  Lack of health can result in limb die back and these trees may need to be monitored for health and vigor and the addition of nutrients may be required.  Lack of light will result in lower or interior limbs dyeing back.  This process is more normal occurrence in the normal growth pattern of trees.  Insect or disease issues can result in dead or dying limbs, this can be addressed with treatments and monitoring through our expert staff.  Broken or damaged limbs can result in deadwood that requires removal.   Wind, heavy rain, snow or ice can result in broken limbs during times of inclement weather.  Dead limbs can be dangerous to person and property and we always are inspecting for dead limbs to ensure your safety.  The removal of dead limbs will be done by climbing or ascending the tree with a bucket truck.  We will lower the dead limbs down with a rope or place them into an area that is safe and will not cause property damage.  The debris will be placed through a wood chipper and our staff will rake and blow the property accordingly.  Our goal is to leave the property cleaner then when we found it!

  •  Clearance and Elevation

Providing clearance to houses, lights, roadways, paths, and allowing or the appropriate head height is essential for safety and to maintain our urban environment.The removal of lower limbs to accommodate a minimum height of 8 ft in high traffic areas is needed to ensure people can walk without hitting their head.Some areas like roads need to allow larger vehicles and we will remove or cut back the lower limbs to allow for traffic to pass without damaging the trees.Pruning back from houses and buildings is important to keep animals off the roof and protect the safety of the building and the residents.Keeping a proactive approach, and maintaining a health and aesthetics is a top priority of maintaining urban trees.Clearance and Elevation pruning is imperative for trees to co-exist in our urban landscape while keeping people an traffic safe.

  •  Structural pruning

A tree grows naturally in a forest.  This environment dictates the growth of trees to as there is a high competition for light.  Each tree must grow straight and upright to get their fair share of light.   This allows for trees to have a normal structure.  In an urban setting trees do not have this high level of competition for light.  This will result in a wide spreading canopy and very different structure or canopy shape.  Larger canopy trees will have more dead limb on the interior, will require clearance pruning, and lastly more structural pruning.  Crossing limbs, rubbing limbs, and limbs or unions that do not have beneficial structure are removed.  Removing these limbs will result in a better tree down the road, we call this setting the structure for future growth.  If these limbs are left in place they can result in damage to the tree or even tree failure. 

  •  Canopy Reduction Pruning.

Urban trees have very broad canopies as they do not grow in a forest and do not compete for light with other trees.  As a result, the canopy grows in all directions that light is available and becomes very broad and heavy.   Canopy reduction pruning is required in many instances as trees overwhelms the space, or to reduce weight on heavy limbs to help avoid failure.  This is very beneficial type of pruning as it will reduce the amount of forces and dynamic movement in trees.  With trees being a great way to combat climate change they are increasingly important.  Climate change is also producing stronger wind and inclement weather that threatens trees safety.  Canopy reduction pruning will help keep your trees safe by reducing the outer growth on each limb by a percentage outlined by our certified arborist.  By reducing the tip weight of each limb there is less surface area and leverage for the wind, snow, ice or rain to impact.  This will result in stronger trees, when the weather is less then favourable. We know your mature trees are important and we want to ensure you feel safe and happy with them as part of your landscape.

  •  Thinning the Canopy.

Often, we will thin the canopy of trees to allow more light into the house, garden, lawn, pool or deck area bellow.  This will allow dappled light into the space and is often required to with a tree that have dense canopies or properties that have a dense stand of trees through out.  Thinning can also be practised in trees that suffer from fugal issues, this will improve air flow and light resulting in less moisture.  Moisture is the breading ground for fugal issues and thinning will help cut down on issues in a very environmentally sensitive way.  When thinning a tree, our consultant will prescribe a percentage of canopy that is recommended for best results and to maintain the health of the tree.  Thinning is a great way to keep your trees and property looking great and we can help with a long-term approach to your tree care.  

  •  Hydro pruning

Pruning away from your hydro lines can be done with the use of our bucket truck.  Specialized equipment and training are required to keep safety the top priority.  Our team of expert staff have all the training and equipment needed to complete any job required.  Keeping trees away from the power lines is imperative to ensure you do not loose power if the tree would fail in times of inclement weather.  We can work with your local power provider to work around a variety of lines, and have all the equipment needed to complete projects of any size. 

We specialize in tree pruning and continue to excel in safe work practises, and customer satisfaction.  Regardless of your tree care need, we want to be your go do resource for reliable and friendly service. Give us a call and let’s talk about your tree care needs.


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