Arborist Report

Arborist reports are more and more common these days as a variety of municipalities are implementing tree bylaws for construction and tree removal permits.   We have been completing tree inventories and arborist reports for decades and can work with any municipality on a variety of different projects.   

1.  Tree removal permits on private property.  
Individual tree permits to remove trees on private property originally started in Toronto and have now expanded into Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Oakville, and Aurora to name a few.  These reports require a detailed sketch of the property, pictures of the tree in question, measurements, and a detailed assessment or outline on the tree's health structure and reason the tree requires removal.  The specifications can vary in each municipality but our staff are more than aware and can help navigate this for you.   A mandatory replanting to replace the canopy coverage lost is required within one year of the tree being planted.  The replanting is something that we can assist you with as well, offering a tree planting with a warranty of one year.  The reports can be done at the same time as the original site visit and we will need the client to sign back the forms for our qualified staff to work on your behalf.  We are happy to help with any tree removal report that is required and can provide a seamless and stress free experience
Construction Related Tree Permits.
When planning a construction related project, you will be asked to provide an arborist report on the site.  This will need the expertise of an ISA certified arborist.   We will tag and locate on a site plan all trees within the property and within the perimeter of the property on neighboring sites.   These reports will detail what trees require removal to accommodate the project and how we can protect the remaining trees with tree protection fences and limited grade changes.  In some instances extra measures can be taken to look at root systems of mature trees within the proximity of the building site to save mature or desired trees.  The best approach to a proactive report is to have the arborist in to address where the best place would be to build while minimizing the impact on the trees within the site.  WIth this done before you make your drawing, you can have the least amount of impact on the trees while accomplishing the project.  This proactive approach will save time and money, and leave lasting results for generations.   Similar to the tree removal by law noted above a mandatory replanting for all trees removed will be required.  If your project has impacts on trees throughout the site a deposit can be required to ensure the site adheres to the protection and maintenance outlined within the report.  This is another great reason to address the arborist report in the early stages of planning to avoid these complications and changing of costly site plans or deposits on trees.  Regardless of your project's size and scope our expert staff can assist with your arborist reports and all the tree protection plans, pruning, soil amendments, tree or stump removal, and replanting.  Our full service approach is one of the many reasons that Shady Lane is a leader in tree and construction related work.   
If you have a need for an arborist report for any reason big or small give us a call or email we are happy to help. 

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