Shady Lane’s tree care experts sound off on matters related to sustainable, smart urban forest management

  • When choosing to take down or remove a tree you may have a lot of factors and things to consider.  Shady Lane Expert Tree Care can provide on-site advice from an expert in the field of tree health and tree care to help provide sound advice.  Trees can become unsafe from a decline in health or other outside factors like storm damage or construction impacts.  

    1.  Structural integrity:

  • Hedges provide an immense amount of privacy and create the setting for a beautiful sanctuary in an urban setting.  Our team of experts can assess the health of your hedge while looking for any insect or disease issues you may have.  Protecting the health of your hedge is the first step to keeping it thick and full for maximum privacy.  Second step to a healthy hedge is keeping it clipped annually or biannually.  Clipping of hedges is extremely important if you want thick and beautiful results

  • Shrub pruning is a service that Shady Lane has offered from the very start of our business.  Our skilled staff of certified arborists understands that caring for woody plants includes shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees. Your shrubbery and gardens are a significant investment and provide great value and aesthetics to the landscape.

  • Shady Lane Tree Care has three different sizes of stump grinders!  We can access any stump no matter how obscure the location.  We have a small unit we even use on roof top gardens and raised planters.  Medium stump grinding machine is for small back gardens and pool side areas.  This stump grinder can remove a 30 to 40 cm stump with ease.  Our largest machine is track propelled, 72 horse power of pure stump grinding muscle.  We can remove any size stump and even

  • Pruning trees is our specialty!   We have been working on our urban forest in the greater Toronto area for 45 years and running strong.  Trees need pruning for a variety of reasons and we can help you determine what is the best course of action while maintaining the trees health and beauty.   Our certified arborist will visit your house and provide a free consult and estimate for your trees and shrubs.  The site visit will consist of a face to face inspection and

  • Proactive approach to tree and plant health care is soil health.  Trees and shrubs need healthy soil and available nutrients to assist with vibrant green growth.  You may be surprised to understand that healthy trees are also less likely to get insect or disease issues.  Healthy trees also have the ability to fight off other issues like fungal pathogens, vascular diseases and are less likely to succumb to high wind and snow loading.   Trees are living organisms, in fact on the largest organis

  • Mature trees are beautiful and strong. To the untrained eye, they can seem indestructible. However, that’s certainly not the case. Your trees can be damaged in any number of ways, from heavy snow or ice loads to strong winds to the natural repercussions of poorly formed branch unions.

  • Trees provide protection from the wind and sun, enrich your yard and add value to your property. Tree planting in Ontario is an important step in creating an enjoyable yard, and increasing your home’s value. However, it’s not as simple as digging a hole and planting a tree. There are several important considerations you’ll need to make with Ontario tree planting.

  • Mature trees are beautiful, valuable assets for property owners. Not only do they increase the value of your property, act is vital environmental elements, but they also provide protection from sun and wind. However, they’re not impervious. In fact, trees can be subject to many different threats, from storm damage to diseases to pests like the emerald ash borer, aphids, boxwood leaf miner and many more. Protecting your trees and other plants is important, but how do you do that?