Cable and Bracing of Trees and Shrubs.

Our team of Certified Arborists has specialized in the preservation of trees and shrubs for over 45 years.  There is no company more dedicated to our urban forest then the staff of Shady Lane Expert Tree Care.   

When caring for trees and shrubs we look at two very important aspects, ( health and structure.)  You need to have healthy trees to maintain good structure, some structural issues can result from poor maintenance, some are natural to the trees form and the environment it grows in.  Regardless of the issue, a proactive approach is always best and in many instances can save a tree or shrub from issues down the road. 

When you have a poor union or a defect on a tree we can help by placing a cable or brace in the tree.  This can help reduce the amount of movement and help reduce the potential of damage.  We have the knowledge and ability to place cables in the upper canopy of the tree above the defect or structural flaw.  It is important to reduce the amount of dynamic movement and leverage on the defective proportion of the tree while still allowing the tree to move and grow as normal.  These cables are great for a proactive approach and a reactive approach.  In some instances when a tree is damaged from wind, snow, ice or just heavy long limbs a cable is not enough.  We can add a brace, a brace is a long rod or bolt that is placed in the main union on the main stem ( trunk ).  The rod is placed through the cracked area or defect and secured with large washer or plates.  This rod will be tightened allowing the tree to be strengthened in the weakest or compromised area.   

The washers or plates are secured on sound wood and will help hold these defective areas together.  Not all trees can be saved in this fashion and the most common use of cables or braces is to prevent the damage from happening in the first place.  Trees do not grow in a normal environment when grown in an urban setting.  Trees in the forest all grow very upright as they are competing for sunlight, this results in a simple structure that rarely has needs to be improved.  In an urban setting they have a more broad canopy and structure as they have more sun available and tend to sprawl far more.  A wider canopy will result in more movement and will require more maintenance to remain safe and appropriate for urban areas. 

Shrubs are woody plants and when you have mature shrubs we have the same potential for damage.  We can add the same measures of cables or braces to help prevent this damage.  The only difference is the hardware used is smaller.  Our staff can determine the size of hardware for large and small trees alike, we understand the placement of the cables, the rating or strength required for different trees.  Placing the cables appropriately is of equal importance, improper cables can damage trees' potential rather than improving it. 

 Trees are amazing and with the proper care and maintenance can provide a variety of benefits.  Having a qualified arborist look over your trees and shrubs can provide a cost-effective and proactive result that makes your garden safe and enjoyable. 

Please give us a call or email us today to have your tree inspected and assessed for any need of a cable or brace. 


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