Clipping and Maintaining Cedar Hedges.

Cedar hedging a great way to provide privacy to any landscape.  Cedars are evergreens and hold foliage all year to keep green and provide color to the landscape in the winter months.  Cedars can be planted in a row to form a hedge.  Cedar trees if left unkept will begin to grow outward in a tree form, this is why clipping to maintain a hedge-like form is very important.  If you allow your cedars to grow outward in a tree-like form you will soon start to see through the hedge and begin to lose some of the privacy that is desirable and required.   Clipping allows the cedar hedge to contain all growth on the inner portions of the hedgerow keeping a tight and thick look that will provide the best privacy and allow for snow to roll off the hedge with little to no damage in the winter. 

A well maintained and healthy hedge will provide the best privacy, the best look, and manage the harder winter elements better than an unkempt hedge.  At Shady Lane Expert tree care we know how to maintain your hedge and have all the equipment to do so safely and efficiently. 

Our team of qualified arborists will come and give an on-site consultation to perform a variety of hedge related work.  We can clip the sides and maintain the top of the hedge for you.  We recommend rounding the top of the hedge slightly to allow the snow to roll off the top more than a flat-topped hedge. 

Our team can assess health and look for any insect or disease issues, for example, fletcher scale, cedar leaf miner, spider mites, or lack of health or soil fertility.  We are trained in the health and care of trees and shrubs and cedar hedges are no exception.  Keeping your hedge clipped and maintained is important but having a healthy hedge is equally important.  We have a variety of fertilizers and soil amendments that can improve the health of your soil and hedge to provide the best results possible.  In some instances when a hedge is not maintained for many years our certified arborist may make the recommendation to lower the tops more aggressively than just a standard clipping job.  We may be able to prune the sides more aggressively as well to bring the hedge back to a more manageable size and form.  If this is the case we will ensure you understand that this is a process that can take several years to complete.  This process can take time but when done properly and maintained afterward the results are fantastic and the hedge can be brought back to form and provide that privacy for your back garden.  We will use the best equipment possible including a self-propelled tracked lift with up to 80 ft of reach to comply with working at heights legislation.  Be assured we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to maintain your hedge of any size. 

We would love to visit you on your property this year and help you with your cedar hedge.  Give us a call or email at any time. 


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