Certifications & Associations

We’ve been advocates for proactive tree care and arborist industry standards for decades

Our team is comprised of certified arborists trained in all aspects of tree and overall property care including shrub pruning, soil amendment, deep root fertilizing, and insect management.

There are dozens of species of native and non-native trees in Ontario. These include Balsam Fir, Black Spruce, Cedar, American Elm, Black Oak, Eastern Hemlock, Red Maple, White Pine (Ontario’s official tree common throughout central and southern Ontario), and many more. What species of trees are growing on your land and how healthy are they? We can tell you.

The tree care industry in Ontario is not regulated. But our company’s founder and former president – Lewis Arnold – loved trees so much, he helped establish the Ontario Commercial Arborist Association (OCAA) to promote and improve standards in commercial arboriculture, increase public awareness of the critical role arborists have in caring for trees, and to influence the federal and provincial governments to legislate laws to protect trees.

Shady Lane Expert Tree Care is proud to be active members of several professional industry and government associations, including:

Did you know we celebrate Arbor Week annually in Ontario as a means of promoting tree conservation? Learn more about trees and the important work arborists do.