Compost Tea

Compost tea is a fantastic way to reduce the use of high nitrogen and phosphorus-based fertilizers.  The overuse of fertilizers can be detrimental to our water table through leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus into our lakes, rivers, and drinking water.  Compost tea is a natural solution that can replace the need for fertilizer.  It works through a holistic approach, this approach is about creating healthy soil that will feed your trees naturally.  Compost tea will create healthy soil by adding the microorganisms and foods the soil needs to cycle properly.  Healthy soil creates healthy plants, healthy plants can withstand drought, insect issues, and are less likely to get diseases.  Our goal at Shady Lane Expert Tree Care is to provide viable options for tree garden and shrub health in all situations.  Compost tea is a great way to ensure we can treat in areas that have high salt use or around water bodies.  We make fresh compost tea for every project with specific blends for each application.  Our compost tea is made weekly and will allow for the best results possible.  Call today to learn more about how we can help your soil and trees.  


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