Customer Service

Our company slogan is "your satisfaction is our future"   Customer service is why people continue to come back time and time again to choose our team of experts at Shady Lane Tree Care.  Our office is always waiting for your call or email.  So if you have a question or concern we are happy to help you out and continue a positive dialogue.  We provide free estimates and set and time to visit you and your trees face to face.  We will send out an International Certified Arborist to assess your needs and write a firm quote with no hidden fees or agendas.  We have relied on customer satisfaction as our cornerstone of growth for over 45 years and love to hear from our repeat clients.  We work with living organisms, and we understand that trusting the people you rely on to be safe, educated, and honest is imperative.  After you approve your estimate we will set a scheduled date for our crew to arrive, weather permitting.  Our crew will also consist of a certified arborist, with all the appropriate equipment and knowledge to provide a full scope of services that are outlined on the work order.  In some instances the work order will require multiple visits from different facets of our team.  For example if you have a stump removed, this will be done approximately 1 week after the tree is removed in order for our office to receive the mandatory locates of gas lines or other infrastructure in the ground.   If you require treatment for the insect of diseases this will be in a certain time frame that is most appropriate to address the issue best.  One thing you can be assured of is that each one of our services is headed up with its own manager and the office support team to make the experience easy and informative.  

When the work is completed we will email an invoice for your approval to ensure your satisfied with your work.  If you are satisfied you can write us a cheque or email transfer the funds for payment.  If your service requires continual treatments we will send a renewal contract by email the following year before spring has sprung to get your services all lined up.  We are in the service industry and know that customer service separates us from the other options.  Our office team, expert staff, and equipment allow us to focus on what is truly important.  YOU!


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