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Shady Lane's organic soil solutions include deep root fertilizer, mulching, and other soil amendments that will be sure to keep your garden and trees growing for years to come. All projects come with a free assessment/quote, and are completed by an ISA-certified arboristContact Shady Lane today to get started with an organic soil solution that is right for you!

Deep root fertilizer, soil amendments and other soil solutions to help tree, shrub, plant and garden growth

Deep Root Fertilizer

One of our arborists can apply our specialty blends that will help add needed nutrients to your trees and shrubs.  At Shady Lane Tree Care we specialize in soil assesments to allow us to provide specific fertilizing  blends for your trees requirements.  Urban soils lack nutrients that trees require, these nutrients are naturally found in a forest floor or setting.  We can add these missing nutrients back to your soil through our deep root fertilizer.  Trees with nutrient deficiencies will be more prone to insects, disease, or failure.  To ensure your trees are healthy please contact us today to have our certified arborist come and assess your trees requirements.

Organic Soil Solutions

At Shady Lane we put extra focus on identifying and fixing the root of the problem. If soil is lacking in microbial diversity, we have a multi-faceted program to restore the natural beneficial processes of a healthy soil food web. Starting with a soil microbiological analysis, we custom-create a plan to restore your soil. This plan may include compost tea applications with added mycorrhizal inoculants to increase the number of beneficial fungi in the soil, and the addition of high-quality compost and/or mulch around the base of your trees. We work with our clients to develop a program that works for them.

Compost Tea

Shady Lane was the first tree care company in Canada to work with compost tea for trees.  With this amazing product we can add the appropriate ratio of micro-organisms to the soil. This helps generate a balance of fungi to bacteria, improve soil structure, trigger proper nutrient cycling and attract beneficial predators. The improved, porous soil structure allows oxygen, water and other nutrients to penetrate the soil.  This product is perfect for use near water systems or in areas with a high salt index. 

Benefits of a healthy, living soil

  1. Slow-release of nutrients means long-term, constant supply to plants (and no leaching).
  2. Organic matter decomposes, enhancing soil structure and nutrient availability to plants.
  3. Micro-and-macronutrients are made available to plants in the forms they need, as they need them. As long as there is enough organic matter in the soil and chemical inputs are minimal, a healthy soil food web is all that a plant needs to thrive.
  4. Micro-and-macroaggregates are formed, decreasing compaction; increasing root aeration while also balancing water holding capacity.
  5. A reduction in pests and disease through competition and predator-prey interactions with beneficial microbes.
  6. No harmful effects on the environment or animal/human health.

View our Organic Soil Solutions Fact Sheet (Click to Download PDF)

Organic soil solutions from shady lane tree care

Air Spade

Our distinct air spade system allows our experienced team to remove the soil at the base of any tree or shrub with minimal damage to the roots. We subsequently inspect the roots of trees and shrubs to assess their health. If it appears a tree is rooted in poor growing conditions, we will backfill the root system with a high-quality compost or mulch blend. 

Soil Amendment

Mulching trees, shrubs, and flower beds is one the most beneficial things any homeowner can do to promote the longevity of soil, and effective water and weed management. It can feed your soil by creating a layer of decomposing organic matter. However, mulching is not recommended for all properties necessarily. We can help you determine whether or not mulching should play a key role on your property.

Microbial Reports

Understanding the biological capacity of your soil or compost helps you know what plants are appropriate for your soil, and advises soil restoration programs to make the soil more suited to the plants you desire to grow.  Visit our Page: Microbial Soil and Compost Analysis for more information. 

Microbial Soil and Compost Analysis 

Call us at (905) 773-5906 or fill out our online form and one of our courteous client support team members will get in touch with you to discuss treatment options.


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