Golf Course Services

Proactive, innovative, and environmentally friendly services and solutions for golf courses

Trees are an important asset on your golf course; the variety and challenge of your design and the course’s overall aesthetics and natural beauty are affected by the health and placement of trees. Properly placed trees can be an asset to the course while other trees can often over shade areas like putting greens and be an issue to the sucess of turf managament.  Trees also represent a significant investment in terms of dollars and the degree of commitment required to sustain their health and longevity. Shady Lane offers a variety of year-round services to golf course management teams in central or southern Ontario. 

Our specialized golf course services include:

  • Creating a vegetation study with handheld GPS devices to provide an inventory of trees for the entire course or target areas. Trees are tagged with an I.D. number, sized, and their general health assessed with recommendations for future treatments.
  • Organic soil solutions use the highest quality compost tea with a specific blend of food sources such as molasses, kelp, and soy. Our tea adds micro-organisms to help feed and cycle your soil biology. This will allow you to reduce the number of applications of fungicides and fertilizers, resulting in a greener, healthier course for you and your patrons.
  • Pruning to increase light and air penetration to the greens, and to maintain tree health and overall aesthetics. Pruning is also important for safety and liability reasons.
  • Removing hazardous trees or trees in confined areas and stumping the remaining root system so that the site is ready for future use. Cabling and bracing to preserve and extend the life of trees at risk from structural weakness or damage from winds and storms.
  • Monitoring insect and plant disease problems and recommend treatments to improve plant health. We include high focus areas such as the clubhouse, signature holes, specific tree species or the entire golf course. Or we can provide a one-time spray application to treat such problems as LDD(Gypsy Moth) or tent caterpillars. Our staff are trained and licensed in according to government regulations to treat any insect or tree-related disease. We focus on using the most environmentally safe products and methods to treat insect and disease problems.
  • Installing lightning protection systems for trees that dictate the play of a hole or are historic trees at risk of lightning strikes.

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