LDD (Gypsy Moth) Information

Gypsy moth caterpillars are expected to reach a high level of infestation this Spring. Timing is crucial to be successful! Call the Shady Lane office to be proactive with the necessary treatments to help reduce populations to a tolerable level.

LDD(lymantria dispar dispar) or Gypsy moth in Southern Ontario is becoming a large scale issue on a variety of hosts.  The preferred species are oak, beech, blue spruce, and maple.  Unfortunately, they will continue to eat on a wide variety of species once the preferred species are defoliated.  Our team of ISA certified arborists will help devise a plan that works best for you and your trees.  Each stage of the insect has a different approach and today I want to talk about the adult stage or the moth stage.  

During the moth stage, it is important to reduce the number of eggs that are laid for next season.  This can be done with a pheromone trap.  Pheromone traps are a non-toxic and safe measure to reduce and help control gypsy moth. 

The gypsy moth contains a special attractant that releases a highly purified form of the adult gypsy moth sex lure. Since the female gypsy moth does not fly, she instead releases minute amounts of the sex lure pheromone to attract the flying male moth for the purpose of mating.   By placing these pheromone traps in strategic locations within a recommended distance from each other we can help reduce the number of males that are able to find females. This will reduce the infestation for next year and create a natural and safe measure of control. 

We are pleased to have the service of adding pheromone traps to your properties trees to help combat your gypsy moth problem.  Call today to set up your free consult for adding gypsy moth pheromone traps and set up a treatment program to keep your property and trees healthy and strong. 


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