Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services

 Inventory and assessment of trees and other vegetation relative to land development and building permit applications

 Tree value appraisal

 Prescription for tree preservation on construction projects

 Urban forest management plans

 Site supervision at all stages of construction around trees

 Development of policies, procedures and standards for arboriculture and urban forestry operations and programs

 Diagnosis and prescription for treatment of pests, diseases, and other tree injuries

 Recommendations for site preparation, species selection & planting methods

 Tree risk management policy and procedure writing

 Ravine restoration, edge management, and replanting plans

 Tree risk assessment and prescriptions for mitigation

 Sonic Tomograph & Resi-Drill tree analysis

 Arborist reports and tree preservation plans

 Air spade, Hydro-Vac, and Root Exploration

Get the arboricultural, horticultural, and technical expertise your landscape or construction development project needs 

Our professional consulting services offer a broad range of options related to preserving, creating, and enhancing outdoor environments and urban landscapes.

For landscaping firms, construction, and homebuilding companies, as well as golf course management professionals, we can help you save time, money, and most importantly, the trees on the property.

As Ontario’s No. 1 tree care and arboriculture consulting firm for over 35 years, we can add a new and important dimension to the diversity of services you offer to your clients. Even better, we do it using the most environmentally responsible methods and products available.

Our consultation services include guidance for:

  • Municipal tree removal bylaws. Before you remove a tree on your residential or commercial property, you need to be up-to-speed on the bylaws governing tree removals in your municipality. Some cities and towns have strict tree removal bylaws and regulations that apply to any tree planted on private or public property or near a ravine. Be in the know
  • Arborist reports for Construction Projects. Construction and Landscaping projects often require an arborist report.  Our team of Arborists can work with you directly or with your contractors.  Our expert staff will help to ensure your project is completed and your trees remain healthy while meeting the requirements of your municipality.  These requirements are unique to the municipality in which the work is to be performed. Learn more
  • Ontario pesticide bylaws. In Ontario, you must be licensed to apply pesticides to any private, public, or commercial property, or operate a business that employs people who apply pesticides commercially. A municipal permit is required to use pesticides that may pose risks to human and environmental health. Be prepared
  • Tree and shrub assessments. Conducting professional tree and shrub inventories and appraisals are critical to determining the true health of the plants on your property. Our ISA-certified arborists produce in-depth, tailored assessments of your trees and shrubs to ensure their short- and long-term health. Take stock of your trees

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Meet our team of dedicated professionals

Mark V.

Senior Consultant / Site Supervisor

Mark is a seasoned ISA-certified arborist with over 35 years’ experience serving Shady Lane’s clients.



In Toronto, throughout the GTA, and across York Region, the importance of tree preservation is on the forefront of municipal politicians’ and homeowners’ minds. Whether your clients are building a house, putting on an addition, or installing a deck or pool, we can help. 

The assistance of one of our ISA-certified arborists will help you or your firm save time, money, and give the most professional presentations to clients and inspectors. 

Our experienced team can work with you on all aspects of your landscape or construction projects from arborist reports, tree preservation plans, tree pruning, fertilization, or tree removal and stump removal and grinding. 

Municipal bylaws vary from one region to the next

For more information, see the bylaws and regulations pertinent to where your property is:

Call us at (905) 773-5906 or fill out our online form to inquire about our landscape services and arborist report consulting. One of our courteous client support team members will get in touch with you soon. 


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