The Importance of Tree Insect Control in the Toronto & GTA Areas

Trees seem like they’re pretty impervious to most threats. Their thick outer bark ensures that the inner living tissues are protected, but you might be surprised at the number of things that can penetrate that barrier and compromise the health of your trees. This is particularly true of pests. Tree insect control solutions for homes and businesses in the GTA are vital components in the proper care, maintenance and preservation of your trees, shrubs and other plants.

Trees around the GTA are subject to a number of different pests, and even more can affect your shrubs, flowers and vegetable plants. For instance, the emerald ash borer is a serious threat to ash trees and can cause immense damage, and even total death. Aphids are another source of danger for your plants – aphid control solutions can help stem the damage to your trees and other plants.

At Shady Lane Tree Care, we specialize in tree and plant care and preservation, and that includes tree insect control. We can help you combat the emerald ash borer, aphids, beech wooly aphids, the boxwood leaf miner and many other such threats. However, we’re also capable of helping you combat diseases like PTR and euonymus scale, not just insect threats.

Our Certified Arborists can investigate and assess the condition of your trees, determine exactly what the problem is, and then develop a solution to treat the insect problem or disease and preserve your trees. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control, disease control and plant health services. Call us at 905-773-5906.