What is Tree Cabling and Bracing?

Mature trees are beautiful and strong. To the untrained eye, they can seem indestructible. However, that’s certainly not the case. Your trees can be damaged in any number of ways, from heavy snow or ice loads to strong winds to the natural repercussions of poorly formed branch unions. In these instances, tree cabling and bracing can help ensure that your tree is protected, sustains no further damage, and doesn’t cause damage to other elements of your landscape or home (fallen limbs from mature trees can be devastating).

Tree cabling and bracing is used for mature trees with structural damage. Whether that damage is due to heavy snow accumulations, or badly formed branch unions, our services ensure that your tree is preserved and protected.

Tree bracing is exactly what it sounds like. One of our Certified Arborists will inspect your tree and determine if it requires bracing. If that is the case, we will install high quality braces to support cracking or damaged limbs and prevent further damage. We can also brace entire trees if necessary.

Tree cabling supports cracked, damaged or breaking limbs through tension, rather than through underside support. Shady Lane Tree Care utilizes industry-leading tree cabling technology to minimize further damage to your trees and provide the strongest, and longest lasting solution in the GTA. Our Certified Arborists are fully trained in bracing and cabling, and have the skills to preserve even the largest trees in the area.

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