Oak Wilt Issues

At Shady Lane Tree Care, we would like to take a moment to inform you about a concerning tree disease known as Oak Wilt. As a trusted tree care company, providing you with important information regarding this issue is essential.

The Oak Wilt disease has now been found in the Niagara Region, and if it spreads to our area, it can have significant implications for the health and longevity of the oak trees on your property. For more information on the disease being discovered in Ontario, please check this link: https://inspection.canada.ca/plant-health/invasive-species/plant-diseases/oak-wilt/eng/1325624048625/1325624535106

Oak Wilt is a highly destructive fungal disease that primarily affects oak trees. It spreads by sap-feeding beetles and interconnected roots. When oak trees are pruned or cut during the growing season, fresh wounds attract the Nitidulid beetle. This is the beetle that can transport oak wilt. For this reason, as a responsible tree care company, we are no longer pruning oak trees in the growing season.

We are happy to come any time to inspect your trees and make pruning recommendations for the dormant season. Our crews work all year and can prune throughout the winter months.

To help you assess the risk and take appropriate action, we proudly introduce our sales manager Mike Watson, our dedicated Qualified Oak Wilt Inspector. With their expertise and experience, Mike and his qualified sales staff can effectively identify signs of oak wilt and provide professional guidance on mitigation strategies.

Understanding the risk associated with oak wilt is crucial for preserving the health and beauty of your trees. Infected trees can quickly spread the disease to neighboring oaks, resulting in the decline of an entire stand of trees over time. Therefore, early detection and proper management are essential in preventing further outbreaks.

Some other diseases of oak trees appear similar and can often be misdiagnosed as Oak Wilt by unskilled or untrained assessors. While not identifying Oak Wilt on your property can lead to the decline and death of your Oak trees, misdiagnosis can lead to removing trees that may have been preserved through appropriate treatments.

If you suspect that Oak Wilt may be present on your property or have concerns about the health of your oak trees, we strongly recommend contacting us to schedule an inspection with one of our sales staff. They will assess the situation, identify potentially infected trees, and offer expert advice on the necessary steps to protect your trees and prevent the spread of oak wilt.

At Shady Lane Expert Tree Care, we are committed to providing our valued clients with the highest level of tree care services.

By addressing the threat of Oak Wilt proactively, we aim to safeguard the health and beauty of your trees while preserving the natural landscape we all cherish.

Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation or if you have any questions. Together, we can combat oak wilt and ensure the longevity of your trees.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Arnold and The Shady Lane Team