What You Should Know About Tree Planting in Ontario

Trees provide protection from the wind and sun, enrich your yard and add value to your property. Tree planting in Ontario is an important step in creating an enjoyable yard, and increasing your home’s value. However, it’s not as simple as digging a hole and planting a tree. There are several important considerations you’ll need to make with Ontario tree planting.

Any planting should begin with three specific considerations. The first is site location and preparation. The second is what you want from the tree, and the tree’s characteristics and needs. Finally, you have maintenance and care requirements after planting.

The site of your tree planting should be chosen carefully, with an eye to what you want from the tree, the tree’s ultimate size, and its needs in terms of sunlight, water and soil drainage. What role will your tree serve? Do you want to add shade to your home to lower cooling costs in the summer? Do you want a fruit tree? Will it be a focal point in your landscape? You’ll also need to ensure that the location provides the right amount of sunlight throughout the year, and that the soil is amended to help sustain growth and proper help.

Tree planting in Ontario can present multiple options and considerations, but there’s help at hand. Shady Lane Tree Care is an Ontario tree planting specialist, and we also offer a range of other arborist services, including plant health and maintenance. Contact us today by calling 905-773-5906 to discuss your tree planting needs and goals, and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our Certified Arborists.