Tree and shrub planting

Tree and shrub planting is essential to maintain a great landscape, green communities, and increase property value.  When looking at planting a tree there are some very important factors to consider, you want to ensure you are practicing proper plant placement (PPP).  Choosing the best tree to meet the site's and clients' needs and expectations.  Planting the best tree possible will save time, money, and maintenance needs in the years to come. 

When assessing what tree to plant you need to look at the amount of space you would like to use and the overall size and potential of the tree you wish to plant.  Planting large canopy trees in small confined spaces will require more maintenance and further costs to clear back from structures and other trees. 

Thinking 10, 20, 30 years down the road can be difficult, and having a vast knowledge of canopy sizes and growth rates is one aspect of what a certified arborist will consider when choosing your tree or shrub.   In many instances, a larger woody shrub or pyramidal tree is enough canopy to fill smaller spaces.  Some species of native shrubs flower and other pyramidal trees can come in many different colors of foliate, like purple, or golden.  Flowering shrubs can add color to the landscape and some species flower in the spring, like redbud and serviceberry.   Other flowering shrubs will flower in the summer, lilac, and hydrangea.  We can also have shrubs that flower in the fall like witch hazel, this is very unique and rather welcoming when the fall colors are complete.  Spaces with more room will require medium canopy trees like linden, Katsura, hackberry, ironwood, and mountain ash. 

Larger open spaces will require larger canopy trees, like red oak, sugar maple, chestnut, beech, bur oak, white oak, and walnut.  Lastly, you can consider a coniferous tree or evergreen.  This will provide screening and color in the landscape during the winter months.  Some varieties are wider and grow taller so picking the best conifer for your space is equally important as the best deciduous tree.  Room to grow is just one factor we think of when looking at trees, we need to consider the soil, moisture, and amount of sun that the tree will be grown in.  Some trees will tolerate moist heavy soils better than others, while others are shade tolerant, and other species need full sun all day.  Knowing what tree is going to grow best can be a little overwhelming, and that is why asking a certified arborist is extremely important.  We know our trees and love planting them for you.  One of our certified arborists will come to your site and provide you with a firm cost to supply and install your tree with a one year warranty.  Extended warranties are available with compost tea applications and watering services.   We will help you set up a watering schedule and/or provide you with a watering bag at the base of the tree.   Proper plant placement is crucial and the second step of planting is equally important.  The old saying of "plant a 50 dollar tree in a 500 dollar hole not a 500 dollar tree in a 50 dollar hole."  This means the preparation of the site is more important than the tree.  Our staff are trained and will provide new soil, mycorrhizae, mulch, watering bag, and stakes to support the tree if need.   The level or grade of the tree being planted is very crucial for success as well.  

Lastly water, water, water.  Newly planted or newly dug trees need a lot of water as the digging and balling process cut of approximately 60% of the feeder roots.   This means the remaining roots need moist soil to pull up water and feed the canopy of leaves.  With fewer roots to do this the moisture needs to remain consistent.  We will outline the watering requirements or work with your irrigation company to help add the needed watering each site requires.   We love planting trees at Shady Lane and our staff know what tree is going to fit your site.  Planting trees is important and should bring you joy and satisfaction.  Trees are one of the largest living organisms on earth, starting with just a small seed.  We need trees for shade, cleaning our air, protection from wind and snow, and the lasting beauty they can provide. 

Call today to have us visit your site and recommend the best tree for you.  


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