Our Services

We specialize in dangerous tree removals and providing a broad range of proactive tree and landscape care services

Shady Lane provides all facets of expert, organic tree care from tree pruning, safe tree removal, and cabling or bracing a damaged tree, to insect and disease management, lightning protection, and landscape consulting.

Our family run business specializes in cultivating and maintaining beautiful, functional green spaces. We provide personalized and professional tree care for private residential properties, residential condominium complexes, commercial business properties, public and private golf courses, elementary and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions such as community colleges and universities, as well as municipalities. 


Our broad range of services include:

safe tree removalSafe Tree Removal
Whether due to old age, damage from a storm, or human intervention, an unstable tree can be extremely hazardous to people and property.



tree pruningTree Pruning & Preservation
Pruning dead or diseased branches from your trees will help them stay healthy, ensure their crowns are strong, and it helps with insect control.  



plant health carePlant Health Care
A healthy tree is more resistant to insect infestations and disease. That requires preventative health care management.



tree stump removalTree Stump Removal
Removing a tree stump is more than a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure. Find out why the tree’s health declined, and plant a new one or a garden.



shrub trimmingShrub Trimming
Improve the health and appearance of large and small shrubs with proper structural pruning and trimming.



soil health careFertilizing and Soil Health Care
Our organic soil solutions will replenish the nutrients in your soil and allow oxygen and water to flow freely, in turn helping your trees grow.



tree plantingTree Planting
There are numerous reasons why you should plant a new tree. But doing so requires careful forethought and planning.



urban wood recoveryUrban Wood Recovery
One of the tenets of being environmentally friendly is recycling organic materials to be reused. The same practice applies to trees that are no longer standing.


urban wood recoveryHome Pest Control
Environmentally sensitive pest management for your trees, shrubs and home.



Do you have questions about tree removal bylaws, how to care for trees on a golf course, or on a construction site? Learn about our consulting services.