Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is a service that Shady Lane has offered from the very start of our business.  Our skilled staff of certified arborists understands that caring for woody plants includes shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees. Your shrubbery and gardens are a significant investment and provide great value and aesthetics to the landscape.

Every flowering shrub, hedgerow, and the ornamental tree provides a unique aspect of color and privacy to the landscape. In fact, we often enjoy our shrubs and gardens even more than trees as they are very visual and on a more realistic profile than large canopy trees.  Understanding the growth pattern of shrubs, what shrubs flower during different types of year, whether they flower annually or biannually, and pruning them to enhance their structure in architecture is truly a skill or art form. 

Often mature landscapes can become overwhelming and require annual or biannual pruning to manage or contain the sprawl of shrubs, and create definitions within the landscape. We know exactly what to look for, what shrubs should be highlighted, and how to create the definition while keeping your mature garden looking great.  Maintenance or your shrubs and garden will provide great value and enjoyment and keep your healthy and happy shrubs for years longer.

Whether you need a little help with your shrubs or an overhaul bringing the garden back to its original state we can help. We understand that every shrub is different from redbud, dogwood, magnolia, and evergreens like cedars that provide privacy along the perimeter of the property. Not only do we prune but we can make sure that they don't have insect or disease problems and are healthy and thriving for years to come. Protect your investment keep your property looking incredible. Give our team of experts a call, we know shrub pruning better than anyone and have proven it for decades.  We can walk through your property with you and explain a plan that will accomplish your goals, save you time and money, and keep you enjoying your beloved space.   If something is past saving we can replace it with the best possible solution and provide a planting warranty to ensure you're covered.  Our team is waiting for your call to provide a free consult and walk around your property.  Our estimates are emailed within 24 hours and provide a firm outline and cost for the service.  We look forward to working with you to create a greener tomorrow.   


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