Hedge & Shrub Clipping

Pruning and trimming shrubs promotes plant health and helps flower and fruit development

Trimming and pruning shrubs enhances the natural beauty of these woody plants, helps them continue to grow healthy, strong, and wards off unwanted disease and insect infestations. Effective shrub pruning cannot be done at random or you can injure and possibly weaken the plant. 

Shrub trimming and pruning should only be done at select intervals to improve the shrub’s health and help its foliage to grow, remove damaged and dead branches, and to promote flowering or fruit production.

Our professional and experienced aborists can transform the health of your shrubs and the aesthetics of your property. Our trimming and pruning services are always performed with quality and safety in mind.

Garden Rejuvenation.  Let us take your over grown garden and bring it back to your ideal landscape. Our certified arborists can asses your landscape and select signature trees and shrubs that can be retained and pruned. We can provide advise on what should be removed that is past saving. Our services include the removal of the shrub, diging out or grinding the stump and replanting your new trees and shrusb that will bring added value to the space.

For an estimate, call us at (905) 773-5906 or fill out our online form and one of our courteous client support team members will get in touch with you.


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