Stump Grinding

Shady Lane Tree Care has three different sizes of stump grinders!  We can access any stump no matter how obscure the location.  We have a small unit we even use on roof top gardens and raised planters.  Medium stump grinding machine is for small back gardens and pool side areas.  This stump grinder can remove a 30 to 40 cm stump with ease.  Our largest machine is track propelled, 72 horse power of pure stump grinding muscle.  We can remove any size stump and even plant a tree in the same location.  Removing your stumps will help keep your valued landscape looking great and allow you to plant new grass, shrubs or trees.  We even grind stumps to allow for interlock or decks to be built.  No matter where your stump is the size or the reason it needs to be removed, we can help.

Process:  Our incredible office can set up an appointment for a free consult or site visit to assess the access, size of stump and what machine is required to complete the job successfully. We will provide a firm cost of removal of the stump and extra services like removal of stump grindings, planting a new trees, shrub, or grass.  Our team of certified arborists can make the best recommendations on planting of the best species for your property.  We look at soil condition, size of tree or shrub requirement and what type of tree or shrub you want to see in the landscape.  Practising proper plant placement (ppp) will save you money and time in your garden.  You can trust that after 45 years we know our trees and shrubs.


How does a stump grinder work?  A stump grinder is a machine that spins a large and heavy wheel at high speeds with cutter teeth attached to them.  The wheel is then pushed along the top of the stump grinding the stump into small wood chip like pieces.  The process is done over and over again allowing the cutter wheel and teeth to grind the stump 1 inch at a time.  This will result in the stump being ground bellow grade.  The stump grinding process would include major woody root that could interfere with planting or building in this area.  The end result is a very controlled and safe way to remove a large object from the ground.  Our team can then remove the debris in a wheel barrow and plant something that makes your landscape beautiful again.


Safety:  Stump grinding is a safe way to remove stumps in an urban area.  Our office will coordinate at free service called “locates” to ensure there are no hydro, bell, water lines or any other infrastructure that we need to be made aware of.  The machine has a variety of safety features and our operator is skilled and highly trained.  We can put up extra protection like plywood and other guards to protect your property from any unexpected debris or impact from the machine.  The end result is incredible we can remove large stumps from the ground and haul it away with no damage.  Our main goal is to provide safe and reliable work to our clients, and we strive to do this daily. 


We look forward to seeing you soon and speaking about your stump grinding and removal or future plans for the landscape. 


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