Tree By Laws

Throughout the GTA tree by laws are common to protect trees and the urban forest.  So what is a tree bylaw?  This means you cannot cut down trees of a certain size on your property without consulting an arborist and getting a permit from the municipality's forestry department.  Tree by laws first came into place for construction projects to help stop needless cutting and extensive damage to the remaining trees.  Since this time the by law process has been proven to save countless trees on construction sites and neighboring properties.  It may surprise you but we often have roots on our trees that extend and grow into the neighboring yards.  The addition of pools, decks, patios and driveways would often destroy neighboring tree roots through digging or regrading.  The tree by law was so effective in construction that the city of Toronto created a tree by law to protect private trees over 30cm in diameter at breast height.  Now many municipalities have adopted a tree by law as trees are imperative to our communities success.  The process, fees, and lead times vary by the municipality and will be determined by each tree or site requirements.  Shady Lane has a team of dedicated consulting arborists that will help navigate this process with ease.  Our office will set up a site visit for a free consultation, an ISA certified arborist will provide a cost for all the work required to get the project moving forward.  Often a mandatory replanting is needed, this will entail a detailed planting plan within the report to the city.  Planting is important to keep our communities green and cool in the summer months.  Your arborist will help you pick a tree that will suit your needs and thrive in the future.  Tree by laws can seem like a lot of work but with our expertise it's a breeze and rather fun.  We have created a customer service process that is second to none.   Our staff can process the permits, remove your tree, grind the stump and plant a new tree making us a full service company.  Tree plantings come with a standard 1 year warranty.  We love working with your municipality to keep you safe and our communities green.  If you're looking at a tree removal process and find the permit process overwhelming, call or email us today for a free consult. 

If you're looking to do a construction based project and need a full site arborist report, one of our consulting arborists can help.  We have been working hand in hand with some of the best names in construction and landscaping for years.  We are always happy to set up a time for a site visit.  Often our clients have the  arborist report done after the architect has finished the buildings or sites drawings.  We urge you to consider having the arborist report done first.  This will allow your architect the opportunity to understand what trees are on the site that will need to remain.  This often cuts down on overall cost and aggravation of changing a drawing or plan many times to work around trees.  Or the added cost of exploratory digging for roots that the city requested.  Regardless of what stage you are at in the process we can make an action plan that will include all requirements from the municipality and offer every service you may need along the way.  We know trees on construction sites so please give us a call or email.   We would love to help make your dream project a reality. 

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