Tree Pruning & Preservation

Strengthening, protecting, and maintaining the health and vitality of trees and shrubs through industry recognized best practices

Tree pruning is an essential part of preventative maintenance that will help to ensure your trees remain healthy. Pruning ensures the structure of a tree’s crown is strong, that it can extract the nutrients and water it needs from the soil, and have unfettered access to sunlight.


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Pruning is essential to maintaining the vigour and vitality of healthy trees, while dead and diseased trees or branches need to be removed. For both safety and aesthetic purposes, setting and guiding the overall structure of saplings is critical. When pruning the crowns of trees, no more than 25% of the live crown should be removed.  

In addition to tree pruning, our related tree preservation services include:

  • Cabling and bracing. If your mature tree has cracks in the branches or limbs broken off in a storm, consider cabling and bracing to prevent the tree from further damage. As part of series of tree preservation processes employed by Shady Lane, cabling and bracing is a technique used to secure and manage typical larger trees with structural flaws. Examples of flaws include poorly formed branch unions or extremely long branches with heavy loads. The cables reduce movement that occurs in different sections of the tree crown when it is subjected to forces such as wind throw or the weight of snow/ice. These cables must be properly installed according to current industry guidelines. Meet with one of our Certified Arborists to determine if your mature tree requires cabling and bracing.
  • Shrub pruning. Pruning helps to shape and maintain the health of trees and shrubbery. Effective pruning should enhance the health and aesthetic appearance of your shrubs, but it needs to be done carefully and at the right time in the plant’s lifecycle. Proper structural pruning exposes key features of branch shapes, trunk characteristics, and leaf colour. Our experienced arborists remove weak branch unions and crossing limbs while considering the “flow” of individual branches and when the shrub is flowering.
  • Garden Rejuvenation.  Let us take your overgrown garden and bring it back to your ideal landscape.  Our certified arborists can assess your landscape and select signature trees and shrubs that can be retained and pruned.  We can provide advice on what should be removed that if it is past saving. Our services include the removal of the shrub, digging out or grinding the stump and replanting your new trees and shrubs that will bring added value to the space.  
  • Lightning protection. Protect the valuable specimen and historic trees on your property from deadly summertime lightning and thunderstorms by having Shady Lane’s lightning protection system installed on each tree. Similar to the safeguards used to protect tall buildings from direct lightning strikes, our lightning protection system will divert the charge from a strike to help reduce the level of damage inflicted on a tree.

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