Tree Removals

Professional, safe & cost-effective tree removals in Toronto, across the GTA and throughout York Region

Whether due to old age, storm damage or human intervention, a tree may become unsafe & hazardous to people or property, or damaged to a point where other preservation methods are ineffective and costly. Safely removing a tree from your property is dangerous work that requires the insight and skill of an experienced, certified arborist.

Perhaps you should remove the damaged tree, but only after a detailed tree assessment and analysis has been performed. Our staff can help you determine the best course of action for your damaged tree. 

The Shady Lane team specializes in cost-effectively removing dead, damaged, or imperiled trees safely to minimize the risks to people and property. 

If you have a damaged tree that you need removed, or require tree cleanup services, contact us today for a free estimate & assessment!

We specialize in large tree removals

Larger or dangerous trees can require the use of a qualified crane operator and support crew. Is it always necessary to remove a tree in an urban setting? It depends entirely on several factors including the health and condition of the tree, and whether or not it poses a threat to human or property.

Tree removals can be hazardous and should be undertaken by professionals

The objective is to remove the tree safely, effectively and minimize risk to people and property. Shady Lane uses tree removal techniques such as speed lining, cranes and compact or spider lifts to ensure safety and proficiency on every job we complete. 

Contact Shady Lane Tree Care

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