Tree Removal

When choosing to take down or remove a tree you may have a lot of factors and things to consider.  Shady Lane Expert Tree Care can provide on-site advice from an expert in the field of tree health and tree care to help provide sound advice.  Trees can become unsafe from a decline in health or other outside factors like storm damage or construction impacts.  

1.  Structural integrity:

When looking at the structural integrity of the tree we consider the root system, the main stem, and the lateral or scaffolding limbs that comprise of the canopy or crown of the tree.  Often we can assess trees from the ground in a noninvasive method, other times we need to consider more advanced options, giving a broader picture to truly assess the trees' stability or structural integrity.  Fruiting bodies or mushrooms can be key indicators of decaying wood and other times they are symbiotic or not harmful.  Large cavities and wounds from damage or old pruning cuts can lead to further decay and decline in a tree's structure.  Damage to root systems can be done during excavation, changing of the grade, over-saturation of soil, contaminants, root pathogens, and nonbeneficial fungal pathogens. Every structural component of the tree needs to be considered when inspecting a tree for stability.  Often our team can help overcome these issues, but in some cases, trees are required to be removed as their defects have a permanent compromise to the safety of the tree. 

2.  Lack of Health: 

Lack of health is another reason to consider tree removal.  Trees that lack health and vigor can become unsafe or dangerous to the public.  When a tree is in decline we will consider all options to save or improve the tree if possible.  In some instances, the tree will be passed the point of saving and will require removal.  It is important to remove these trees while they still are safe to work on.  Unsafe trees can become far more difficult resulting in unnecessary costs, and measures to ensure the public and staff safety.  If a tree has an insect or disease issue often treatment can be administered to help save trees.  In the case of lack of nutrients or health we can improve the soil and provide extra nutrients to help correct these issues.  Being proactive with this measure is the best way to keep healthy trees,  Unfortunately, some trees cannot be saved and this is when you need a qualified arborist to help assess health and make solid recommendations for the best results.   Often planting a new tree will help aid in the process as it is important to keep our communities green. 

Infrastructure and Construction:  

Construction, when done correctly, will have small impacts on trees in the surrounding area.  Sometimes we remove perfectly healthy trees as the impact is far too great while saving other trees on-site with good tree protection measures.  Tree by-laws now protect trees and mandate arborist reports to outline the methods in which we identify what trees are viable and what trees are not.  We also outline all methods of preservation, maintenance, and grade change allowances. Some trees will need to be removed on most projects to make room for the building or infrastructure. With a good arborist report, the trees that will remain on-site will have great success and add that quality to the site that only mature trees can.  Regardless of your construction project size our team of expert staff can write your reports, provide the tree protection and tree removal.  We can assist in every step of the process and make your new home, pool, deck, or condo project a success. 

Shady Lane Expert Tree Care is ready to assist you with any tree removal questions or concerns you may have.  We have the staff to help with your report needs, the tree and stump removal and even planting new trees.  Please give us a call for your free estimate and site visit.   


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