Tree Stump Removal

Why should you have a tree stump removed? They can devalue your property and adversely impact other healthy trees and shrubs

Leaving a tree stump protruding out of your lawn can prove to be more than a lawn-mowing obstacle. It can rot and impact the soil beneath and around it. Its roots can damage sidewalks and driveways, attract fungi, and become a nest for unwanted insects that can spread to your home, as well as spread tree-related diseases to nearby healthy trees and shrubs.

Removal of tree stumps can also negatively impact the beauty of your land and possibly lower the value of your property. Removing a tree stump is labourious and dangerous work that should only be conducted by a team of professionals. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our knowledgeable and courteous team can help you safely remove a tree stump and repurpose the land so you can plant a new tree or create a garden. 

Shady Lane’s tree stump removal process involves grinding the tree stump into a mixture of soil and wood chips that can be used to fill the hole or replant a new tree or shrub within.  We also offer the service of removing the stump grinding material and adding new soil with grass seed and/or sod.    

Don’t be stumped! Call us at (905) 773-5906 to have a tree stump safely removed from your property, or fill out our online form and one of our courteous client support team members will get in touch with you.


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