Urban Wood Recovery

Proactive management of wood-related waste for homeowners, construction companies, and homebuilders

Utilizing and recycling wood-related waste from felled trees or urban forestry and landscape development projects is a necessary step on the road to an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. Unlike metal and plastic, wood is renewable. If managed responsibly, wood represents a potentially inexhaustible source of building material.

For homeowners, when the journey of a tree has reached its conclusion, Shady Lane can provide you with effective milling options so you can potentially reuse the wood. Transform a felled tree by using the wood to create new furniture or as part of materials you need to renovate your home.

Urban Wood Recovery Services for Industry

Did you know that wood represents the single largest component of Canadian construction, renovation, and demolition waste? According to the Construction Resource Initiatives Council – an Ottawa-based nonprofit building industry organization dedicated to reducing waste – nearly 1 million tonnes of wood, or 1 million harvested trees, is improperly disposed of in Canada annually.

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