Vertical Trenching

Vertical trenching is an incredibly effective way to reduce compaction in you soil and improve the overall health of your soil. Urban landscapes can become compacted or be compacted from existing clay or heavy soils. Soil compaction can be created by something as simple as a heavily trafficked footpath, machinery from construction, or poor soils that are naturally compacted. When you have compacted soil it impacts water penetration, water holding capacity, root penetration, and the soil's ability to cycle nutrients due to a lack of pore space and oxygen. So what does this all mean, for you and your trees? Tree health starts with soil health and if you have compacted and "unhealthy" soils your trees will suffer a similar fate. This is why we love to verticle trench trees that are mature and juvenile alike. We have seen some incredible results with verticle trenching. The process is done through the use of an "air knife" or "air spade". These tools accompanied with a high powered air compressor, have the ability to remove the soil around a tree or shrubs root system without damaging the fibrous roots. This technique allows us to remove old tired soil, add new fresh soil, and significantly reduce compaction. The result is the trees and soil to become more healthy. One of our certified arborists can assess the compaction of your soil and create a plan that will work for you and your trees needs. Verticle trenching is an impressive way to improve your entire site's soil or just address problem areas. Compacted soils are the number one cause for lack of soil and tree health in urban settings. Trees live in hard environments daily and they require water and nutrients for success. Healthy soil can help provide everything they need for that success.

Remember if your soil is compacted it will lack water, nutrients, and restrict root growth. Verticle trenching can replace old soil with new allowing the site conditions to naturally improve the tree and garden's health. Call or email today for a consult with one of our certified arborists.


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